Mind and Movement

Workshops are currently not running are thrilled to now offer the Mind and Movement packages combining therapy for the body and mind.

If you fancy a taster, you can download a recording of the 6.30am Mind and Movement taken from earlier this year.   The recording quality isn't ideal, but rather than allow it to sit and languish in the cloud, we wanted to share it with you. 

6.30 am Mind and Movement - 30mins 



Please note that due to Covid-19 all workshops are currently on line. 

These workshops are designed to combine restorative movement with breathing and meditation exercises to boost our mental wellbeing and health.


We will start with movement, gentle stretches and poses inspired by Pilates and yoga to help ease your body, and breathing to complement your body as it moves. From here we will move deeper into our breath work and meditative exercises

Each workshop is 30mins long and the course of 6 weeks is £28.

If you feel you cannot commit to a set time each week, or want flexibility to attend more than once each week you can purchase a session pass for 1, 3 or 6 sessions. 

Workshops are also available for businesses and their employees. Please contact us for details. 


Making the most of lockdown and taking t

Option A ) Movement - £25


-6 Videos ranging from all over body to releases

-Your own link to download and keep the videos

-One month of pilates subscription free if you upgrade to monthly plan.

-10% Discounts on Physical Therapies initial consulation

Coming soon! Combining physical and ment

                                                                                           Option B) Mind and Movement - £45

Additonal details coming soon