Corporate and on-site services

Due to Covid we are no longer able to attend your premises.  However we continue to provide services over Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

We are happy to attend your business premises to offer a variety of services/classes in the Aberdeen/shire area, and further afield using video calling and presentation software. 

Lotus Pose

Group Pilates - (minimum fees/group size apply)

Sessions delivered via Zoom/Microsoft Teams available to book in minimum of six week blocks.


Please contact us for more details

Empty Classroom

Seminars designed to educate and support those working from home on a range of topics. For example the risks of working in ways that may contribute to musco-skeletal impacts on our bodies, as well as our mental health in solo/stressful working environments. The emphasis is based on the practicalities and solutions to some of these problems.  We are happy to discuss with you any particular topic that you would like to focus on with and for your Teams.


Please contact us for more details, or click the links above for examples of what we cover.

Empty Chairs

These services are also available for private groups, outwith the workplace environment, 

Please contact us for more details and to book 

Choice of either 4 or 6 weeks for small groups (minimum fees/group size apply)


Allowing more discussion and practice on the following:

  • Recognising Stress

  • Cushioning Techniques

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Movement


The 6 Week package includes:

  • Work Place Stress

  • Self Therapy journaling techniques.